Personal safety in public space has become a significant issue and concern. When citizens on a busy street are in need of help, they scan

the crowds of pedestrians looking for the distinctive uniform of a police officer. The uniform which represents authority, power and is there

to reassure safety. Recent events of threat have changed the visual representation of policemen in the public space - prominent guns, high boots and massive protection gear. These representatives play a major role in the way they communicate through their body language. By transforming their appearance, they have gained an authority which is more threatening rather than caressing. It has built a psychological border between them and the public.

This project investigates the elements of gaining power through body language and the switch of if throughout history due to the transformation of the uniform. It is a well-known fact that the posture influences our perception of another person. ’’The power of authority’’ reveals the influence of certain postures of policemen on pedestrians in public space on day to day basis. It is a poetic translation of the authority impact on our wellbeing.

1904 - 1954

1960 - 2012

2013 - 2019


Police uniform timeline in different countries

Flip book of policemen on duty

Policemen gesture dictionary through time (change of the gestures due to the change of the uniform)