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Expired white

We tend to associate white with purity, perfection and a new beginning. The project Expired white is an investigation of various aspects

of white as a choice to reach this particular state. The first part of the project is a collection of information which shows the variety of this statement in a book. The second part looks at discarded white objects and is an attempt to change the perception of the ’’expired whites’’

by giving them a new appreciation.

The rich history varies from ancient times to Skittles (yes, the sweets), from marble to teeth whitening. The book reveals our admiration for white, it is untouched and therefore brilliant. The collection of objects is designed with the white we left behind. Washing machine panel becomes a table leg and a phone charger cable weaves into a carpet. The human traces left on the objects show the once cherished perfection which is now forgotten in a landfill where the ’’white gold’’ mountain continues to grow bigger.

If you would like to listen to some thoughts on the research of Whiteness, I took part in a podcast with Héloïse Charital

(Design Curating & Writing, MA) in conversation with Liesbeth Fit and Arif Kornweitz.

Guadance by Andrea Trimarchi (Formafantasma) and Jeroen Van De Gruiter

Graduation project, 2019 (ongoing)


Finalist and a special mention of the Ro Guiltless Plastic award 2020

white book doctor.jpg

Research book WHY WHITElooks at the human connection to the term purity and perfection connected to the colour white. This research shows the absurdity of this obsession. The book contains aspects such as historical pigments, ancient sculpture, architecture and many more.


If you would like to purchuse the WHY WHITE contact me


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Expired white

Collection of objects made out of salvaged white plastics and cables from landfills and scrapyards. Objects are a reflection of the consumer society and the throwaway culture of white goods. The once cherished plastic exterior of these goods is not recycled when they end up in scrapyards. My aim is to show the potential and highlight the already designed parts in new functional objects. 

dutch invertuals.jpg

The Circle by Dutch Invertuals.


Wendy Plomp - creative director /curator 

In collaboration with:

Edhv (Architects of Identity) - concept & design of the curtains 

Daphna Laurens - exhibition design 

Raw Color - visual campaign


More information:

Photography by Ronald Smits


Image by Yksi Expo - Leonne Cuppen


Image by Yksi Expo - Leonne Cuppen

Image by Femke Reijerman

Baiba Soma photo Femke Reijerman.jpg

Image by Ruud Balk for Circular Materialists


Image by Yksi Expo - Leonne Cuppen

Image by liebschuh for Pantheon Phantasma Passagen

Variation of objects

Image by Yksi Expo - Leonne Cuppen

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