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Colouring craft 

La Reunion is an island which strikes you with the energy from the moment you land. Craftsmen, there has the same quality, but it does not show in the product presentation they create. I felt the importance to highlight the maker, to add value and appreciation, as for the buyer the amount of work put into it is not visible. This project is made to empower the richness of the island, give the spotlight to craftsmen and colour to the craftsmanship. 
The aim was to create something simple for the craftsmen to be able to produce it themselves (price tags with information about the hours spent, an image of the craftsmen and the connection they have with the craft). In addition, I created a colour dictionary taken snapshots of everyday life on the island.

Design Academy Eindhoven, 3rd year studio, 2018

craft material

Stilllife photography was the main inspiration. I spent 10

days on the island taking images of everyday life, details of architecture, nature, food and a lot of other things. I found 

it important to show the diversity of colour and how things around the island influence each other aesthetically.


Reunion Island identity

When it comes to books, I am invested in all the process, bookbinding for me is very therapeutic.


I like to work manually when it comes to colour research. Every project starts like this, with colour painted swatches and a layout wall to see the overview. After this phase, I turn to digital colour, but mixing the colours before really helps to dive into the project.


color schemes
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